Writer For Hire

In addition to my regular work (see samples here) and blogging, I do perform services for others.  Please click the


icon in the right-hand sidebar of any page to access my contact form.

I negotiate rates and terms on an individual basis.  I take into account the type of job, how long I think it will take me to perform the job, the “going rates” for that type of work and the budget of the customer.  I do not hold people or their projects hostage – if you need a “break” on rates, I will do my best to accommodate. Keep in mind though, this is a source of income for me and I need to eat (OK, I like to eat!).

Here is a list of projects I will take on.  This list is not all-inclusive – if you have another project that you would like to run by me, I’ll listen!

  • articles on various subjects
  • resumes
  • web content
  • re-writes
  • editing/proofing
  • ghost writing
  • collaborations
  • e-books

Again, please contact me via the contact form above or you can email me: wlfmn63@gmail.com.  Thank you for considering me for your project!

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