How to Boost Your Self Esteem

By: Mark Aubrey

To start with, do not take company with people who are unsupportive and critical. Abusive people can make your life very difficult and should not be tolerated. Seek out the company of stable, supportive and positive people. Don’t make friends or associate with losers. They will bring you down and leave you feeling worthless.

Take the time to give support and help to people who will appreciate your efforts and show you respect. A good way to do this is to get involved in voluntary work. There are many charities that will greatly appreciate your help and you will feel good about yourself, giving them your time.

Make an effort to keep yourself in good shape, exercise regularly. If you feel happy about the way you look, you will feel good about yourself and this will increase your confidence.  If you can’t change the way you look and are not happy about it, do not judge yourself. You did not choose to be the way you are, so don’t be self critical.

Spend some time everyday, sitting in silence, allowing the way things are to be as they are without judgment, be they positive or negative. Sit with your feelings of inadequacy and discomfort, without criticism. Soon you will find a sense of acceptance and compassion arising. This will increase your well being and improve your self-esteem.  Increase your knowledge and further your education. You will get great satisfaction from learning new things and achieving a higher level of education. Learn a new skill that others will appreciate, such as a second language.

Stop any negative self talk. Do not talk yourself down, whether it be within yourself or whilst conversing to others. It is very important to accept yourself and to build positive inner rapport.  Work at improving your conversation skills. Being a good communicator will benefit your social status.

Take care of your appearance. If you take pride in the way you look and project a good self image others will respond well to you.

I hope you have found this article useful and it helps you to combat any low self-esteem you may have acquired.

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