Will today be the day that I am able to create something new?  Will I be able to sit down at the keyboard and bang out the next chapter, the next story, the next article?  Will I be able to break through the barrier that is in front of me?

Anyone that has struggled with writer’s block knows the feeling.  It is horrible.  You sit at the computer and watch the cursor blink at you.  It blinks and blinks until you could almost write a song to its rhythm – that is if you weren’t in the middle of a writer’s block!  Not even a simple rhyme comes to mind that will set you on the path to producing a nice little poem.  You know that’s all it will take.

If you are like me, tracing back to where the block started isn’t always easy.  I’ve been fighting one for a few months now – I haven’t produced an original article or story since November.  I have revised one or two to re-submit to different web sites, but nothing that can be called “brand new.”  Even blog posts have been hard to come by – I’ve had to rely on re-blogs and guest articles a lot on “Stop Workplace Bullies…Now!”  I have two novels in the works and both of them have been in moth balls since Thanksgiving.

I wish it was the case that as quickly as a block hits, it can also go away. Nope – at least not for me!  Mine has lasted a few months, but I am starting to feel it loosen its grip on me and that is a good thing.  I have thought for a while that maybe my next great thing will come from my writing.  I’ve had people tell me I’m pretty good at this stuff.  But when a writer’s block has your brain in a vice-grip, it can be pretty hard to believe that stuff.  Fortunately, whatever was clogging my synapses is starting to break free and I’m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned, folks – I think my masterpiece is on the horizon!